Oblium Token & Economy

You will earn tokens each time you win a match.
However you can only get Oblium Token a limited number of times per day.

Oblium Tokens Functionality

  • Armor and Item Creation
  • Staking
  • Purchase game items
  • Enter events
  • Lottery
Oblium rewards token will be distributed to players for winning and being competitive.

Champions & Items value

The value of these items will depend on his functionality in the game.
These tokens will have an utility in the game to play and earn other tokens, items, cards, or champions.


Every time you win you will get a Oblium Token inside the game, you can use these tokens in another actions in the game or mark to retire to your wallet.

Retirement to your wallet

We created a special way to distribute rewards to the players.
If you want to retire your tokens, you can select the amount of tokens that you want to retire.
This quantity will be saved and showed public in the rankings.
All rewards will be MANUALLY distributed to all players on every desired day of the month and will be paid out with BNB.
  • Why?
We saw much times 'hackers' that drain the liquidity in other projects by abusing or bypassing the 'Wait time' to retire tokens.
We do not want to be another project like that. We will use the most secure way.
This ensure you will get your rewards, and the liquidity for rewards will be secure too.


The token name is hidden to prevent fake versions of the token from being created.
Max supply: 250 000 000
  • Development team: 60,000,000 (24%)
  • Liquidity: 25,000,000 (10%)
  • Private sale: 5,000,000 (2%)
  • Staking rewards: 72,500,000 (29%)
  • Play to earn: 50,000,000 (20%)
  • Ecosystem fund: 20,000,000 (8%)
  • Marketing: 17,500,000 (7%)
Private sale price
  • 1 Token = $0,10 USD