Frequently Questions

About the game

  • Can i play the game for free?
Not at the moment, we plan to bring free access in the future.
  • What i need to play?
If you are already registered, you need 30 cards to create your deck and 1 champion.

About the token

  • How do i access to the token pre sale?
If you purchased loot boxes in his pre sale, your wallet address is selected to purchase in the token pre sale.
We will announce more details about this on our Social Media.
  • Do you plan to be listed on Binance?
Yes, we plan to do it in a future, it won't be easy, but we think we can do it.
It depends on how great this project become and our player reactions and support.
Meanwhile, we will submit our token to be listed on other major exchanges.

About play to earn

  • Can i get crypto/money only for playing?
Only when you win a match you earn Oblium token.
However, you will earn Oblium tokens for a limited amount of games per day.
  • Can i retire the tokens instantly to my wallet?
You can retire your Oblium tokens to your wallet every 15 days.
If you want to buy in-game items, you don't need to withdraw it.
  • How much i will win in USD per game?
We cannot answer this, it depends on the token value, and market factors.
Last modified 7mo ago