ELO & Matchmaking

Oblium will use a ELO Rating Based System to determine the ability of the players.

ELO Rating System

First Games (Unranked)

You will start with 1200 of provisional rating.
The first 10 games you play will be used to determine your real rating.

Provisional rating

During your provisional rating (10 games) your opponent rating will not change.
After your provisional rating games ends, your provisional rating will be real rating according to your ability.


As the game has started, you can play with any other player by the moment.
You can play with players with a 300 rating difference from you.
You have 1500 of rating.
If you search a game, you can play an opponent with a minimum of 1200 of rating and maximum of 1800 rating.

In Queue Time

To improve searching times, the search algorithm will be expanded to until 500 rating difference if you are more than 1 minute in queue.

ELO Decay / Inactivity

You can lose ELO points because of inactivity
If you are in 2000+, after 28 days of inactivity, a couple things will happen.
First, you’ll be marked as inactive from the standings in the rankings.
You will also lose 50 rating per day. Until you get 2000.