Essential Information

Oblium is a turn-based card game combined with RPG.

Requirements to play

You need to own at least 1 Champion NFT and 30 cards to play.
You can get Cards and Champions by buying Loot Boxes.
Every Champion NFT have a Class and Specialization
Combine your cards with the specialization of your NFT to create your strategy!
You will use these cards to create your strategy to win the game, these cards will have different effects that you will have to use in your favor.
Beta screenshot

Deck and Cards

  • 1 Card per turn
  • 8 Cards max in hand
  • Starts with 5 cards
  • 30 cards per deck

Health and Shield

The startup health of your Champion depends on his stats.
The start value of the shield is always 0

Incremental mana system

  • Start value: 10
  • Every turn increment: 10
  • Refills every turn
  • Maximum Value: 100
Example: You get 10 mana on turn 1. You get 50 mana on turn 5.

This create a game with 3 phases

Early game (0 to 40 mana)
  • Cards with low cost can be used, like passives, shields, and basic attacks
Mid game (40 to 70 mana)
  • Cards with various effects can be used like specials, large damage cards and others
Late game (70 to 100 mana)
  • The most powerful cards can be used like ultimates, and game changing effects cards

Loss health on deck-empty

If you don't have any cards to draw. Then you will be penalized with 10% of your maximum hp (increments by 10% every time you try to draw. This means 10 turns extra as max).